Sod Videos

5 Things To Know About Sod

With these tips, the grass will be greener on your side of the fence.

How To Install Sod

How to install sod in your back yard tutorial. Buy your sod and rent the rototiller from your local hardware store/nursery. Easy laying method, Watering Schedule, and some easy tips. Thanks for watching.

How to Install Sod in the Front Yard

Lawn Freaks ! How To Series. Shawn will guide you through the complete process of how to install sod in a small front yard. Where to start, stagger those seams, how to cut and much more.

How NOT To Lay Sod

Sodding Basics 101 Covers- What to watch out for- PLUS watering, mowing, grading, how to deep to lay black dirt, sod patterns, How to remove old sod & MORE! If our new to sod or an expert- these tips and tricks will improve your results or prove what you already know.