Tift 94 Overseeded

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Tift 94 Overseeded

Tift94 was developed by USDA/ARS geneticist Dr. Wayne Hanna at the University of Georgia Coastal Plains Experiment Station in Tifton, GA. This is the same breeding program initiated by Dr. Glenn Burton, the program responsible for Tifgreen, Tifdwarf, Tifway 419, Tifway II, and TifEagle.

Dr. Hanna and his team set out to develop a new bermuda with superior pest and disease resistance, and greater cold tolerance than other bermudas. Tift 94 is the result. Like all our hybrid bermudas, Tift 94 is a drought tolerant grass, and requires very little water compared to cool season grasses like fescue.

Tift 94 is also certified in California for genetic for purity.


  • Better cold tolerance than Tifway 419
  • Highly pest resistantSuperior drought tolerance
  • Stays greener longer than Tifway 419, and recovers faster
  • Impressive root system.  Good lateral stolon growth and deep, complex vertical root structure.
  • Excellent traffic tolerance.
  • Superior density—1 point greater than Tifway 419 on a 1-10 scale.
  • Can tolerate closer mowing heights than Tifway 419.
  • Upright growth habit gives golf ball a good lie.

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