Tall Fescue

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Tall Fescue

Performance Tall Fescue is a true turf-type tall fescue. It has a moderate growth habit and a dark green pleasing look. Tall Fescue is preferred by landscapers throughout San Diego County. Performance Tall Fescue is bred for low maintenance performance and remains a good choice for homeowners. Performance Tall Fescue requires at least six hours of direct sun per day and should be mowed to a height of 2.5 inches. Performance Tall Fescue is comparable to Marathon™ and Medallion™.


  • Beautiful dark-green
  • Medium texture
  • Provides year-round green in the Southwest
  • Deep root system ensures drought and heat tolerance
  • Good drought recovery
  • Excellent adaptability and can thrive in a wide range of soil types
  • Tolerant of saline soils and saline irrigation water
  • Once established, provides superior wear tolerance
  • Dense growth habit makes it highly resistant to disease
  • Natural dark-green color means less nitrogen is required
  • Slower growing
  • Will recover from wear
  • Seed available for repairs
  • Thrives in cool to warm climates, USDA zones 3 to 9.
  • Moderately shade tolerant, requires full sun most of the day.
  • 1” to 3” with a rotary mower

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