Old-Line TifDwarf

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Old-Line TifDwarf

With its fine texture and tolerance of close mowing, “Old-Line” Tifdwarf has been the most popular greens-quality hybrid bermuda for decades. It offers fast putting speeds and true ball roll for high performance, comparable to many bentgrass greens. “Old-Line” Tifdwarf is more compact and finer bladed than Tifgreen, needs less maintenance than TifEagle, takes overseeding well, and recovers quickly from injury.

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  • Bentgrass greens performance, but with greater heat tolerance and disease resistance.
  • Provides fast putting speeds and true ball roll.
  • Tolerant of poor water quality, foot traffic, and drought.
  • Excellent root system, compact form and vigorous growth habit promote quick recovery from injury.
  • Maintains good color at low mowing heights.
  • Regains color early in spring.
  • Overseeds well.

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