Kurapia Drought Tolerant Natural Ground Cover Sod

Kurapia Natural Drought Tolerant Ground Cover Sod

Kurapia is a NEW drought tolerant and low maintenance turf alternative natural ground cover sod in California, Arizona and Nevada. Once established, it requires less maintenance and needs less water than cool and warm season turfgrasses.

Establishment takes approximately 21-30 days (March-September) and requires regular irrigation. Once established, Kurapia’s water requirement can be maintained aesthetically at 50% of the evapotranspiration versus 80% for cool season fescue.


  • Natural plant material
  • Low water user
  • Low maintenance
  • Tolerates a large range of pH and high salinity
  • Rapid establishment
  • Great for erosion control
  • Low weed invasion
  • Does not reseed
  • Long flowering season
  • Spreading to 6′
  • Rarely exceeds 1″ height
  • Not extremely wear tolerant
  • Not a traditional turfgrass sod product
  • If allowed to flower, will attract bees

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