Bull’s Eye Bermuda Overseeded

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Bull's Eye Bermuda Overseeded

Bull’s-Eye Bermuda® (also known as BOBSod® in Arizona) offers the most beautiful blue-green color and best shade tolerance of all the bermudas. It combines the beautiful color of bluegrass, the texture and feel of zoysiagrass, and the durability of Tifway. Bull’s-Eye is exceptionally tough, has virtually no seed heads, and resists scalping. Like all our hybrid bermudas, Bull’s-Eye is a drought tolerant grass, and requires very little water compared to cool season grasses like fescue.


  • Top ranked in quality studies of bermudagrass cultivars conducted by Mississippi State University. (tested as MSB-30).
  • Highly ranked in quality studies of bermudagrass cultivars conducted by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program.
  • Thick, closed canopy creates resilient cushion and carpet-like feel.
  • Compact growth habit causes golf ball to sit-up on blades for a great lie.
  • Resists scalping.
  • Excellent disease resistance.
  • Improved footing on sports fields due to tightly packed leaves near the soil surface.
  • No seed heads and low nitrogen requirement means less mowing.
  • Tolerates infrequent mowing.
  • Exhibits surprising shade tolerance for tree-lined stadiums and stadium.
  • Tolerant of heat, poor water quality, heavy foot traffic, and drought.

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