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De Anza Zoysia Sod

De Anza Zoysia Sod Accepting of shade, heat, drought, saline soils, and close mowing, De Anza zoysia also has the blue-green color of bluegrass, and fine, firm texture. It offers the fastest coverage, and greatest wear tolerance of West Coast Turf’s zoysiagrasses. De Anza requires less maintenance and stays green longer into the fall than other types of warm-season grasses.…

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Improved Kikuyu Sod

Improved Kikuyu Sod Our improved kikuyugrass is a low growing, warm season perennial grass native to tropical Africa. It spreads vigorously by both rhizomes and stolons. The stems are covered with fine hairs. Kikuyu exhibits exceptional drought, disease, insect, and wear tolerance with rapid recovery rate. It exhibits good reception to winter temperatures, especially along the coast. When compared to…

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Kurapia Drought Tolerant Natural Ground Cover Sod

Kurapia Natural Drought Tolerant Ground Cover Sod Kurapia is a NEW drought tolerant and low maintenance turf alternative natural ground cover sod in California, Arizona and Nevada. Once established, it requires less maintenance and needs less water than cool and warm season turfgrasses. Establishment takes approximately 21-30 days (March-September) and requires regular irrigation. Once established, Kurapia’s water requirement can be…

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